Intriguing sex concerning Parker Ambrose. Stepmoms Big Date

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Sadie Ambrose is getting ready for a big date. The bigtit milf dries off from her shower and oils up on her boobies. She doesn't know her stepson, Parker Ambrose, is watching as she dresses. When Sadie needs help zipping her dress up, she's surprised at how fast Parker responds. He asks where she's going, and Sadie responds that she's going on a super hot date.Parker doesn't realize that Sadie means she's going to spend her night in bed with her thighs spread and a pair of dildos getting her off as she masturbates. She's not exactly quiet about her pleasure, so when Parker comes to investigate he finds his stepmom in a compromising position. Rather than be embarrassed, Sadie urges Parker to man the dildo that's fucking her while she keeps going with the vibrator. That of course paves the way for a sexy good time.Sadie decides that fuck it, she needs some real dick. Parker's is more than adequate, so she guzzles him down in BJ and then climbs aboard to rock her stepson's world in cowgirl and then reverse cowgirl. Sadie gets the dicking down she's craving as Parker does her in doggy. Then she rolls onto her back and spreads her thighs so Parker can give that bare snatch one last orgasm before Sadie has him cum all over her face.
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