Super pornography relating to Alex Charger. In My Stepmoms Bed

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Veronica Leal and her stepson Alex Spitter have just finished a really good workout. They collapse on the couch and recap their gym session. Then Veronica tells Alex that he needs to let his body rest so she's going to get changed. She closes the curtains as she changes into some sexy PJs and then peeks through them to watch her stepson as he takes off his shirt.Opening the door, Veronica invites Alex to sleep in the bed with her since his dad is out of town. He reluctantly agrees, only for Veronica to say she likes to be cuddled and spooned. She rubs her ass against his crotch, giving Alex the idea that she might want more. Nothing happens that night, but in the morning Veronica wakes up to Alex and his morning wood. He tells his stepmommy that he has amazing willpower, but that's not what Veronica wants. Sliding her shorts down to expose her lovely pussy, she tempts Alex beyond what he can bear.Once Alex has been lured in to palm Veronica's cooch, it's easy to move on to a full on pussy feast. When Veronica invites Alex to stick it in, Alex gives it to her in doggy. She sucks her own girl goo from Alex's fuck stick and then gets on her side for some spooning sex. Riding Alex in cowgirl is next as they both enjoy how fit and fuckable the other is. When Veronica gets on her back and spreads her thighs, Alex pumps her full of the D just like she craves. Veronica finishes them both off in reverse cowgirl, bouncing away until Alex explodes with a creampie that drips down her thighs and leaves her with a tasty treat to enjoy.
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