Original and unique clip concerning Juan El Caballo Loco. Stepmom Has Two Creampies For Lunch

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Juan Loco creeps into his stepmom's bedroom and watches as Xochi Moon slowly runs her hands across her chest to lotion herself up. It's clear that the duo has an ongoing relationship, but Xochi tries to dissuade Juan by reminding him that Xochi's husband, Ken Feels, will be home soon. Juan just keeps on kissing Xochi's neck and moves his hands to her tits. When Juan kneels to eat his stepmommy out, Xochi parts her thighs to let him put his tongue to work. The duo moves to the bedroom where Xochi sucks Juan off and then climbs onto his hardon to ride him in cowgirl. They almost get caught when Ken comes home early, but Juan manages to hide just in time. He's in the perfect position to watch as Xochi seduces Ken, gobbling his hardon and then rolling over to get dicked down in doggy.On her back, Xochi lifts one thigh to hook around Ken's shoulder and urges him to pound her pussy until he blows his load inside her. Satisfied with his afternoon delight, Ken takes off back to work. When Juan comes out of hiding, he shoves his cock back in, doing Xochi in the same position. He, too, blows his load to give Xochi a double creampie that dribbles down her ass crack.
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