Amazing trailer with Ava Madison. Stepmoms Big Secret

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Tony isn't trying to snoop on his stepmother, Ava Madison's, phone call. He can't help but hear his hot stepmommy saying she wants to be a stripper. Certainly she has the body for it, but as far as Tony sees it, Ava is married to his dad and she doesn't get naked for anyone else. When Ava gets off the phone and goes to her room so she can change into something sexy and go stripping tonight, Tony follows her. He watches at the door to make sure that Ava is indeed changing into something really sexy, and then goes in to confront her. Half naked, Ava claps back at Tony that if he tries to get her into shit she's going to tell his dad about his troubles in school. The two of them find themselves at a standoff.Eventually, Ava proposes that she will fuck Tony and then they will both keep each other's secrets. Tony hesitates and Ava claims that her new hubby doesn't even fuck her that often and she's horny all the time. She demonstrates to Tony that she does indeed have some bangin' stripper moves. Once she's naked, she gets her stepson to pull out the D so she can take a big mouthful. Working herself into a sexual frenzy, Ava lets things get sloppy as she gobbles the shaft and balls. Rolling backwards, she opens her thighs so that Tony can come in and make good on his part of their deal to fuck and have a shared secret.Ava's big titties are in constant motion as Tony bangs her on her back. He plumbs Ava deep and thoroughly, moving her thighs into a variety of positions. When she gets on her hands and knees, though, the real show is the motion of her ass. This horny lady definitely could make a killing as a professional stripper with T&A like that, and Tony takes full advantage of Ava's determination to fuck him fast and furious. She transitions to riding the cock in reverse cowgirl when Tony gets on his back, giving Tony the ride of his dreams. When Ava has been sated, she climbs off Tony's hardon and goes back to sucking him down. Her deep throat effort wins her a mouthful of cum as she brings her stepson to an orgasm that leaves them both with a secret from Tony's dad.
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