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It's Tony's birthday, but he wasn't expecting a gift from his stepmom, Victoria June. Tony is excited to open his present, but he's mortified when he sees what Victoria got him: A sex toy with lips to fuck. When Tony sees what was in the package, he jets to the living room. That wasn't what Victoria was expecting. She follows her stepson to apologize. Tony hears Victoria out and then admits that he overreacted. Victoria tries to explain that she thought it would be nice since she sees Tony masturbating all the time. Then she leans forward to run her palms up Tony's legs and cup his hardon as she offers to help Tony use the toy.Tony is super weirded out by his bigtit stepmom offering to help him use a sex toy that she gave him, but Victoria insists that this is what she wants and that Tony's dad totally won't mind. She doubles down by popping her giant boobs out for Tony to admire since she knows that Tony has been eyeing her when he thinks she's not looking. When Victoria pulls Tony's pants off, he's nice and hard, which makes it easy for her to use the toy on his erection. Playing with her stepson's dingdong like that leaves Victoria feeling way too horny to stop there. She offers Tony a birthday blowjob, which he'd be a fool to turn down. Next thing he knows, his puffy lip stepmama is sucking him off like her favorite treat. When she pulls back to deliver a titty fuck between those incredible jugs, Tony can only thank his lucky stars. Eventually, driven by her horniness, Victoria urges Tony to take her to bed and fuck her.When Victoria finds herself on her back in bed, she can't help but moan long and loud as her stepson shoves that big cock into her. Tony is happy to deliver for his stepmom's pleasure, especially when she gets on her knees and leans forward so he can love on that jiggling ass while banging her in doggy. Victoria insists on going to town riding Tony in cowgirl as her giant tits bounce with every stroke. Tony is loving every moment of it, but he holds his pop until Victoria climbs off of him and goes back to work with her mouth. Why would Tony need a toy to help him cum when he can just jizz all over his hot stepmommy's waiting open mouth?
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