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Sheena Ryder may be married to Tony's dad, but this busty MILF has a secret side piece. Tony has suspected his stepmom isn't faithful in her marriage, but when he catches Sheena on her way out the door for an actual trip with her boyfriend. Taking the tickets from Sheena, Tony tries to get his stepmom to stay. Instead, she bargains for Tony's silence with the offer of sex. At first, Tony tries to stand strong in the face of that offer, but Sheena is persuasive. She eventually coaxes Tony into joining her in the bedroom so she can earn his silence with a BJ and raunchy hardcore delight.Once they relocate, Sheena strips down to her socks while letting Tony cop as many feels as he wants. She is especially excited when Tony palms her ass and feels her hot wetness through her thong. Sheena then proves that it's business time as she delivers one hell of a blowjob! This busty MILF just loves the cock, and it's obvious as she goes to town sucking and slurping. Her hands get in on the action, priming Tony's dick to shove deep inside her. When Sheena rolls onto her back and parts her thighs to invite Tony deep inside, it's instantly clear to this horny stepmama that all her foreplay and prep work have paid off because he's huge and hard and fills her up to the brim.Tony enjoys the initial slide of entry, then goes to work for both of their pleasure. His hand is in constant motion on Sheena's clit as his hips pump in a sensual rhythm. Sheena's cream filled fuck hole is dripping with excitement as she gets on her knees and wiggles that fine ass in Tony's direction to encourage him to reenter her. Sheena keeps the jiggle going as Tony's hands roam her rump, but it's clear that this hotblooded mom is eager for more than just a doggy style pussy pounding. She gets Tony on her back so she can go to town bouncing away on the cock in a delightful rhythm that leaves Tony unable to resist glutting her with a creampie. Sheena agrees to keep their sex secret if Tony promises not to tell his dad about her little getaway with her boyfriend.
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