Charming video clip using Emily Addison. My Girlfriends Hot Mom

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Tony has a girlfriend, but he finds that his girlfriend's mom, Emily Addison, is super needy. Today, she has called Tony over to fix a leak under her sink. Emily is super flirty, even wearing a robe with a deep v-neck that shows off all her curvy assets. When Tony is finished, Emily insists on chatting even though Tony tries to disengage. She takes the opportunity to call out her daughter's sluttiness and to tell Tony that her daughter goes through guys like water and probably still talks to some of her exes. Once Emily has planted the seed of doubt in Tony's head, she comes on strong. She corners Tony in the kitchen and drops her robe, telling Tony that she wants him to make her moan the way he makes her daughter moan. Then she lets Tony know that if he doesn't give her what she wants, she'll tell her hubby and daughter that he came over to try to fuck her.Presented with that piece of info, Tony would be a fool to say no. When she drops her robe entirely, Emily can see that Tony is nice and hard, which makes it easy for her to pop his hardon out of his pants and slide it between her lips. She does it sloppy, with a deep throat delight that leaves no doubt that this mommy is the best kind of freak. Tony is clearly into it as he puts his hand behind that MILF's head and pushes her into some deeper sucking. When Emily believes she has Tony's complete capitulation, she takes his hand and leads him to the bedroom, where she gets him out of his clothes and then goes back to worshipping the cock from tip to balls.Now that Emily has made sure Tony is nice and hard for her, she climbs on top of his fuck stick and sinks down until she's nice and full of the D. As Emily throws her head back to enjoy the sensation of her trimmed twat eating a big dick, Tony gets to enjoy the way her big boobs shake and shimmy. When Emily turns around for a reverse cowgirl ride, the jiggle fest continues with that incredible ass. Emily takes a hot moment to slurp her own juices off Tony's cock, then gets on her back and spreads her thighs so he can really make her moan. With his thumb on Emily's clit, Tony definitely delivers on that request. He gets her on her hands and knees so he can keep her mewling in delight as he gives it to her fast and furious in doggy. Emily has one last request: That Tony cum deep inside her pussy. At this point, he's happy to deliver that creampie and leave Emily sated and fully satisfied. He agrees to make this a regular thing as long as Emily promises not to say anything.
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