Well-edited video clip together with Baiba Doll. A Recipe For Passion

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Baiba Doll has decided to cook dinner for her girlfriend Lisbet, but ti turns out that Baiba isn't particularly good at cooking. Lisbet doesn't mind; finding her love decked out in an apron and doing her best is all the passion she needs. She takes the pasta away from Baiba and kisses her way down her lover's body to make it clear that what she wants for dinner isn't food.The girls take things slowly, with Lisbet leading the way. She delivers sweet kisses to Baiba's bottom, then rises to let Baiba feel her titties up beneath her shirt. In immediate response, Lisbet unveils Baiba's breasts and sucks those nipples to hard little peaks. Baiba gives as good as she gets, which is just what Lisbet was hoping for.Turning Baiba around, Lisbet finally goes for what she's been after this whole time. She has Baiba put a leg up to open herself. Then she goes in for a clit rub with her fingers and tongue. Baiba can't hold back her mewls of pleasure as Lisbet milks her shaved twat like the finest of instruments.When it's Baiba's turn to repay the favor, she helps Lisbet up onto the counter. With the blonde's pussy at the perfect height to be eaten, Baiba goes right for her goal. She relieves Lisbet of her thong and then laps away at the meaty bare snatch that she has unveiled. Using her tongue and fingers, she soon has Lisbet gasping and sighing.Temporarily sated, Lisbet once again turns the tables on Baiba. She drops to her knees and gets right up there in Baiba's bottom so that her tongue can change up the angle of passion. Slow and steady wins this race as Lisbet gradually works Baiba up into undeniable passion. When Baiba turns over to sit on the counter with her thighs spread, Lisbet rubs her clit and squeezes her tits until Baiba's entire body is twitching.Listbet gets a final pussy eating courtesy of her girlfriend kneeling in front of her. This time the counter is just what she needs to rest against as Baiba goes to town with her tongue. Rocking her hips, she makes sure Baiba knows just what she needs to enjoy a big O. Getting to her feet, she exchanges sweet caresses with her love as they both come down from their lovely lusty afternoon delight.
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