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Tory Sweety and Zazie Skymm are sharing a picnic. The girls share more than just food and drinks. They also share a passion for one another that can only be indulged by making love right here in the great outdoors.Zazie leans in to unveil Tory's tits, proving that Tori isn't wearing a bra. That just leads to a delectable titty feast. Zazie keeps it up until it's too much for the girls to keep their clothes on and their legs closed. They relocate to an outdoor bed where they can get one another off in comfort. Now that they can get their pussy party truly started, Zazie eases onto her back thanks to Tory's gentle guidance. She spreads her legs and watches down the line of her body as Tory goes to work. Licking with a stiff tongue, Tory gets Zazie squealing in delight as she fondles her girlfriend's clit with expert motions.In delectable retribution for the sweet torture, Zazie helps Tory onto her hands and knees. Coming in behind her girlfriend, Zazie squeezes and kneads Tory's ass with one hand while her tongue gets busy. She begins with a pussy feast, but then moves on to a pussy fingering that has Tory rocking back to meet every stroke.Kissing their mutual essences off each other's tongues, the girls come together once again with Tory holding Zazie in her arms. Her hands can easily get busy in that position making Zazie mewl in delight. When they switch spots, Zazie fingers Tory's clit to make moisture bloom in her girlfriend's snatch. Once Tory is primed, Zazie grabs a vibrator and presses it to her lover's clit. That gets Tory shaking, much to Zazie's delight. The girls switch back so that Zazie is once again cradled in Tory's arms, leaving Tory free to give as good as she just got with the vibrator. Finally sated, the girls seal their lovemaking with a deep kiss that promises so much more to come in the future.
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