High-quality movie accompanied by Haley Reed. July 2023 Fantasy Of The Month

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Haley Reed and her friend Kay Lovely have been suntanning and enjoying some girl talk. Haley offers Kay a popsicle. Kay takes the opportunity to check out Haley's lovely ass. When she learns that Haley's new fuck buddy is a girl, Kay realizes that she has an in with that pussy.Realizing that Kay is interested, Haley inquires whether she has any experience with girls. When Kay affirms that she has, Haley offers to let Kay lick the melting popsicle juice off her chest. Kay makes good on that offer, and soon her talented tongue is making Haley's nipples nice and hard.Haley isn't about to let Kay have all the fun! She gives as good as she gets, suckling Kay's nipples. The girls let their hands roam each other's bodies as they get more intimately acquainted. When Haley drops to her knees in front of Kay, Kay spreads herself nice and wide so that her friend can go for a delectable pussy licking.Once Kay's breath catches in a satisfied moan, Haley comes up to let Kay kiss her own essence from her lips. Then she eases Haley onto her back on the kitchen island. Licking her way from the bottoms of Haley's feet, she relieves them both of their bikinis. Then she finger bangs Haley as she sits astride Haley's face, letting her girlfriend eat her out.The girls wind up in a full on 69, each of them enjoying the other's flavor. When Kay lays down on her back, Haley presses her pussy to Kay's. The girls rock their hips, tribbing as they scissor together. When they are finally sated, they make out on the countertop as they enjoy their newfound relationship.
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